Brandon Hills


Story Time

After working on helicopter engines for the Army, I decided to embark on a journey I'd never realized was possible in my youth. Currently attending the University of Missouri St. Louis, I'll be graduating in May after working in the sign industry for a couple of years and going out on my own. When I'm not designing things, you can probably catch me on the golf course with plenty of triple bogeys on my scorecard.

My experience

My interests have been diverse during my tenure at UMSL. I've become an expert at the Adobe Creative Suite programs, fallen in love with typography, learned to code the web, created applications, photographed everything, and learned just how much fun I have working with a team.

  • BFA in Graphic Design
  • Logo Creation
  • Social Media Content
  • Website Management
  • Sign Creation
  • Web Design

Hard work
+ magic

You've made it this far, so here's what you've been looking for. My portfolio has been as diverse as my interests. Enjoy!


Motofy is an idea to bring customer service and time management together in to one application for the powersports industry. The mark is a hand gripping a handlebar. The application itself had a live demo included as a link on the drive inside the portfolio.

Riverfront Safety
& Health

RSH is an industrial hygienist company, and the most important facet of the industry is safety. The shield mark was chosen to represent this. The phoenix was chosen as a rebirth of the company, and the color red was chosen to match the passion the business owner had.

Arianna String Quartet

Researching the Quartet, Bartok, and Hungarian folk art that was popular during the first world war; I came up with a piece that felt full and frantic to match the music I was litening to. I wanted the people looking at the poster and animation to have the same feelings as I did while listening to the amazing musicians playing this piece.


Glow is an environmental design project for the St. Louis Science Center. Glow shows the process of bioluminescence in several different types of organisms. I decided to go with bioluminescence for the exhibit because the process is fairly simple while still making it fun to learn how and why the organisms utilize it.

Kraken Red

I chose to do a stand out mark utilizing typography, but incorporate a more subtle mark in the pattern on the background. The pattern is a modern take on medieval pattern design used to illustrate the ocean. I chose to work with the color red for this project because not only is it red wine, but I wanted to invoke passion in the buyer.


I wanted to create something gritty, rough, and bold to use as a headline font for posters. The decision to use the chainsaw chain was an easy one, however I ran in to problems making the letterforms stand out with just the chain. So, I went to the local hardware store and found a few black granite tiles and smashed them with a hammer until they were at a useable size.

Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino is a wonderful book where Marco Polo describes fifty five cities to Kublai Khan. Each city is different, yet similar. The idea behind this book was to choose three cities, typeset them in a book, and add illustrations anywhere inbetween. The illustrations are my take on the cities I chose.


The Alphabook is a book showcasing found, environmental, and illustrated typography. The environmental part of the book has nine letters that were to be created out of things in the area from rocks in the front yard to flowers out of a vase. The illustrated portion consists of nine letters that were drawn.


I decided to make my map based on the hierarchy of items in a medicine cabinet. The various shelves are proportioned so the height corresponds to the percentage of part of the days activities. Along with the color scheme of the shelves matched the activity I spent the majority of time doing and the size of the shelves corresponded to the amount of time spent on that activity.

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